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South Florida Audiologist

Advanced Technology—Quality Care—Better Hearing!

Since 2010, Advanced AuDiology has helped the residents of Coral Springs, Hollywood and Hallandale improve their hearing and their way of life. With three convenient locations, you dont need to look further for a qualified and experienced Broward County audiologist.

Hearing and Ear Protection in South Florida!

If you or someone you love has started to experience hearing loss symptoms, don’t wait another day to seek assistance! Visit one of our offices for an initial hearing evaluation. From there, we can begin a hearing loss treatment that is right for you. Our in-house service technicians are always on hand to make any necessary product repairs. Make Advanced Audiology your primary hearing aid provider!

We offer the following services:

Advance AuDiology strives to meet all your hearing needs. We can assist you with your particular needs for:

  • Auditory services and hearing aids
  • Prevention, evaluation and rehabilitation
  • On-site product repairs
  • Custom, in-ear monitors for musicians
  • Custom earpieces for hands-free phone calls
  • Custom ear plugs for swimming and bathing

Get Your Hearing Consultation

If you value your hearing and want to keep your ears happy and healthy for years to come, stop by one of our Florida locations for a hearing evaluation. Even if you’re not experiencing hearing loss yet, there are plenty of ways to better protect your ears from the environmental risks that surround them. If you are experiencing the symptoms of hearing loss, the sooner you come in for an evaluation, the sooner we can help restore your hearing function. That means you no longer have to stress about hearing everything and your loved ones no longer have to stress about communicating with you!

Set up an appointment today with one of our board certified and licensed doctors of audiology. Call us in Coral Springs (954-345-5818) , Hollywood (954-961-3456) or Hallandale (954-404-6477) to speak with someone from our office staff!

Customer Reviews

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Advanced Audiology is a wonderful, nice and quiet practice. Upon walking in, there was a family getting ready to leave, a single mother with four children. One of the children had a hearing aid in and they were all very young. Two of the children were half way out the door and the mother was telling them to get back inside and stop and behave. When the family was ready to leave, the lady at the front desk took two of the children's hands and walked them across the street, (with the mother and the other children) and into the parking lot, to their mini-van. When the lady came back inside, I told her that was so nice of her to do!! She introduced herself to me and that's how I met Miss Ramaglia, the owner of the practice and my audiologist. It was after 5pm too on a Thursday. Not too many practices have after hours, and have a 5-star rating in my area!!

There is one other doctor that practices in this location as well. The facility is not very big, it is perfect sized and this first visit was very personal. It's very clean as well. The visit was flawless. The consultation took about an hour. I was tested in a sound booth, using headphones and another device that sat behind my ears. The doctor, Miss Ramaglia was so sweet and genuine. I really appreciate her attitude! She talked me through each test we going to do, (to test my hearing), what to expect and after we were all done, she explained to me the results that she found. That was so nice of her and I know she didn't have to do that, but she wanted me to have a good understanding of the testing we just did. She wrote a report (that I needed) right then and there and everything was as smooth as can be. Emily was back in the office working the front desk by the time I was finished. Emily was very nice and sweet as well. She was the one I spoke with when I initially called to make my appointment. I will absolutely recommend this specialists office to anyone that needs an audiologist! They are amazing!!

Melissa C. November 22, 2019

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