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For more than 20 years, Advanced AuDiology has been the South Florida audiology clinic of choice for thousands of satisfied patients. Since we offer a wide range of both preventative and restorative hearing loss treatments, we truly have something for everyone. Even if you’re young and relatively unconcerned with hearing loss, our custom-crafted ear pieces can protect your ears from hearing loss before it starts. Whether you’re a musician, a swimmer, or someone who is consistently exposed to loud noises, Advanced AuDiology can help ensure the long-term safety of two of your most precious assets—your ears!

Our hearing services are available in Coral Springs, Hollywood and Hallandale!

Advanced AuDiology has hearing centers in Coral Springs, Hallandale and Hollywood. With three convenient locations, it is easy for you to receive the treatment you need, especially if are concerned about possibly impaired hearing. We provide the following primary services:

  • Hearing Evaluation: This is the first step for all preventative and restorative hearing treatment! Our audiologists can measure your hearing capacity much more precisely than family physicians, therefore our hearing evaluations are far more thorough and helpful.
  • Hearing Loss: Our audiometer hearing evaluations help determine what is causing your hearing loss and where the damage is located. This also determines what options exist for rehabilitating lost hearing function and/or restoring your ability to hear.
  • Product Repair: Due to their size and complexity, hearing aids are vulnerable to damage. Many common problems can be resolved at home, but when a hearing aid is stepped on or dropped in the tub, our in house repair technicians work hard to get your hearing restored as quickly as possible.

Advanced AuDiology sees a wide range of patients from infancy through geriatrics. Through it all, we love helping people be able to enjoy their life to the fullest.

For a South Florida audiologist you can trust, call 954-345-5818 (Coral Springs), 954-342-6327 (Hollywood) or 954-342-6327 (Hallandale) and make an appointment at one of our trusted hearing clinics!

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